Places: How to Create a New Place

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 13:04


If you know of a place - why not plug it into our Places system.

Before pressing the button that says ‘Create a New Place’, please find out if the place you want to create is NOT already in our database by doing a thorough search. If the place does already exist, just update the existing place instead.

UPDATE: We now have a new and much easier way to create a new place. You first need to have the 'New point at click' checkbox turned on.

Now you can click anywhere on the map, and doing so creates a Marker icon where you clicked.

You now have the choice to click the Add New Place in the right hand pane. This will bring up the Place Add/Edit page where you will find the Lat Long values automatically added.

Please fill out all the details of your new place. To successfully add a place to our database, you MUST fill out the place: Title (the official or common title the place is named), State, Latitude and Longitude (which is usually auto-generated from your place marker), a Description and a Place Attribute/s.

It is desirable but not crucial to fill out the place: Reference (another name the place can be searched on), Altitude and place photos. Once you have the required and/or desirable fields filled in - simply press the 'Add this Place' button.
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