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Thursday, Jun 21, 2012 at 14:58


You may already be familiar with User Treks, but did you know you can upgrade your own User Trek into a full ExplorOz Trek Note and be credited as the author? Furthermore, when you do this, we will send you a Promo Code with a 20% Discount for your exclusive use in our shop (can be used on unlimited personal purchases for 3 months from date of issue).

For any traveller that confidently uses mapping software when they take a trip, you’ll find making your holiday into a Trek Note quite straight forward. The process is:

During Trip

1. Use ExplorOz Mobile Places Updates to record POIs (using a camera with inbuilt GPS a DSLR or smartphone) * this isn’t mandatory but it certainly is the easiest/time saver
2. Run a system in your vehicle to record your track file whilst driving (eg. tablet/laptop running OziExplorer or EOTrackMe) and then uploading this to User Treks.

Post Trip

1. Upload your track file to ExplorOz User Treks
2. Verify/Edit Places sent by mobile - adding extra relevant facts and photos
3. Request system access to the ExplorOz “Trek Note Manager”
4. Use MyPlans to export data ready for importing to Trek Note Manager system
5. Enter text into blank fields in Trek Note Manager - (Trek Name, Author Name, Description, Time to Go, Permits, History, Environment). Once your Trek Note has been completed, Michelle will check it and once approved, we will send you the Promo Code.

So, essentially you use our Trek Note building software to combine your plt file with data in our mapping engine, which automatically creates a new page on the site in the template format - allowing you to simply fill in the blanks with supporting travel tips and facts from your personal knowledge-base having done the trek.

The difference between a User Trek and an official ExplorOz Trek Note is the addition of supporting trip planning information (text descriptions, explanation of permits needed, time to visit, track difficulty, history, environment, photos, & a linked list to all the Camps and POIs). Presented in a totally different layout, with an interactive map experience that allows a person to click play and watch a virtual tour of the route from waypoint to waypoint, with driving times, elevation details etc, this allows you to turn your digitally recorded track file into a piece of travel journalism that will impress, inform and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

The extensive improvement in how the information is presented is valued by our Members and is only possible due to the smart software of the ExplorOz Trek Note system, written in-house by the ExplorOz developer and site owner David Martin.

If you’re interested to get started, just send us an email explaining what routes you’ve driven and recorded that you’d like to convert to Trek Notes. We’ll ask you to upload your route file as a User Trek to check if it’s suitable and if so, we simply modify your ExplorOz profile to allow access to the Treks Admin section and provide you with a pdf instruction guide via email.
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