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Thursday, Jul 15, 2010 at 12:01


Do I need to be an ExplorOz Member to use Mobile Updates?

Yes, Mobile Updates is a Members only tool. Membership can be purchased from the ExplorOz Online Shop.

How many images can I send at any given time?

There is no limit as to how many images can be sent at any given time. However, the more images you send the larger the email becomes.

Is there are limit on how much text I can send?

No, there is no limit as to how much text can be submitted.

Can I add videos to my Mobile Blog?

At this stage, Mobile Updates doesn’t support sending videos. Stay tuned, as this is a feature that may be incorporated in future releases.

Can I send my Place/Blog update from any email address?

No, the email address you send your update from must be the address that is linked to your ExplorOz Membership. The Mobile Updates system uses this to authenticate the update.

Can I send my email update from home computer, rather than my phone?

Sure. However, we would suggest you use the regular method of creating a Blog/Place on the ExplorOz website.

What happens if I do not have mobile phone coverage?

If there is no mobile phone coverage when trying to send an email, the email will not be sent. Depending on the phone being used, the email may be stored and sent once coverage is restored or may fail permanently.

Why do I need a GPS enabled phone?

A GPS enabled phone will geo-reference a photo when it is taken. This essentially means that when you take a photo with your phone, your current location is embedded into the image. We can then use this data to display your image/description at the correct location.

I have a camera phone, but it doesnt have a GPS. Can I still use ExplorOz Mobile Updates?

You certainly can. If you are sending the email from a system that will not include the GPS position in the photo element you can manually provide the position by adding a line to the email body as follows:
Position: -xx.xxxxx yyy.yyyyy where -xx.xxx is the latitude and yyy.yyyy is the longitude in decimal degrees.

How can I share my mobile Blogs with my friends and family?

As an ExplorOz Member you have a public profile page. This page contains a link to your Blog, EOTrackMe and your Rig setup. Simply provide your family or friends with the URL of your profile page and they will have access to all of your updates.

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