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Friday, Jul 16, 2010 at 13:28


As a registered visitor of the ExplorOz website you have the ability to edit your email subscriptions. The way in which you receive your email, along with which emails you receive can be altered at the click of a button.

Below is a step by step guide as to how you can edit your subscription options.

Step 1

At the bottom left of any ExplorOz page you can instantly see if you are subscribed to the ExplorOz Newsletter. If you are indeed subscribed, a green symbol is displayed and indicates that you are set to receive the fortnightly newsletter. On the other hand, if you are not subscribed a red symbol with a cross will be displayed.

Step 2

In order to change your subscription options, you need to click on the Edit Profile link at the top right of your page. This is displayed as a small blue and orange pen and paper. Note - Your Edit Profile link will only be displayed if you are logged in. This will then display your current email and subscription settings.

Step 3

To change the format in which you receive your ExplorOz emails, check the corresponding check box. If you select HTML, your emails will contain images and be formatted much like a webpage. If you opt to choose Plain Text, all of your ExplorOz correspondence will be text only – NO images or formatting will be included.

Step 4

The subscriptions field allows you to subscribe/unsubscribe to the ExplorOz newsletter and Forum updates.

We send out an informative industry newsletter every two weeks. If you uncheck the Newsletter field you will NOT receive our newsletters. If you have the box checked, you will receive the Newsletter. The ExplorOz Newsletter often contains Shop specials and exclusive news so we generally recommend having this subscription enabled.

The ExplorOz Forum system sends automatic emails as each response is received to a post you have lodged. You have the ability to enable/disable this field based upon your preferences. If you choose to disable this option, you will NOT receive an email to advise you that an answer or follow-up to one of your posts has been received. You will need to visit the site to read all updates to threads.

Once you have made the required changes, click Update for them to take effect.
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