ExplorOz Traveller: Android External Storage

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016 at 06:34


Android users can opt to store the large map data on external storage locations, or use internal storage locations however this must be done in the Data Manager. (The base app is only 32MB and can only be stored on the internal storage location).

To change or select a different storage location for maps, go to the Data Manager screen. The app will automatically detect available storage locations and show how much free space is available - you simply click on the name of the storage location to select it. The selected location will be the new default for map downloads. You can then proceed to download maps.

NOTE 1) Each map pack download is compressed to reduce download size/time. You will be able to see a download size, as well as a larger storage space required size. Check the required storage space will fit on your select storage location before pressing the download button.
NOTE 2) Map files cannot be MOVED between the SD card and internal drive and maps stored on the the SD card cannot be transferred to another device. All map management is done via the Data Manager. If you have already downloaded files to one storage location and wish to change to another location, then you will need to delete from the current location first - using the delete buttons in the Data Manager. You will need to work your way up from the bottom of the list - as each map file is deleted the one above will change from Grey to Black. Then select the desired storage location and download each file again working from the top down starting with the Base map. TIP: Go to the Advanced area in the app and use the Clear Maps DB function to clear all maps in one go.
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