Fuel Prices: Updating/Adding New Locations

Thursday, Sep 04, 2008 at 17:39


To update either the details of an existing fuel location or to create a new one, you first must go to the fuel prices page which can be accessed by the home page, from the topics menu, or just click here: Fuel Prices (will open a new window so you can still read this).

To add a new fuel location, please make sure that it doesn’t already exist in our database. To do this, you click into the State and scroll down to check through the current locations. If the location you wish to enter doesn’t exist - click the ‘Add New Location’ link.

You will then be presented with a grey popup box with various text boxes. Please enter: Location title (usually a town or suburb), address - including state and postcode, and the fuel brand.

You then need to enter the fuel price details for Diesel, ULP, LPG, and Biodiesel if stocked. Last but not least tick the checkbox if the fuel outlet accepts Credit & EFTPOS cards and press the ‘Insert’ button.

Update an Existing Fuel Location

To update an existing Fuel Location simply click in the state the location resides in and scroll down until you see the location in the left hand column. Click the ‘Edit’ link and you will be presented with the same edit box as adding a new fuel location. Make the relevant changes in fuel prices and click the ‘Update’ button. You will notice it instantly updates the fuel location without refreshing the page.

Update Fuel Prices for All to Benefit

If you happen to pass the fuel station on a regular basis and notice that our system does not update it regularly and accurately - you can update it whenever you like and your time will benefit everyone.
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