Treks: Can I Create Trek Notes?

Monday, Sep 15, 2008 at 14:11


You certainly can. To create a trek note is a little more involved than creating a Place on ExplorOz and thus is why we haven’t implemented a form where users can just fill out the trek note fields and press submit.

In order to create a trek note, we prefer if you would contact us first with your interest on: and we will go from there. In a nutshell, what is required is a high resolution plot file and preferably an associated waypoint file. We require a trek description, information on preparation, environment and history, the permits you need to acquire if any, and photos and preferably small write-ups of the waypoints along the route.

The waypoints can be organized and written up in a simple table with column titles representing: Place title, Lat/Long coordinates, Place description and Photo filename.

We do have a trek note guidelines document and a trek note template form that you can fill out and send back to us. Now before you download the documents and start filling in the details however, we prefer if you were to contact us first so we can decide whether it is a trek note we would like to publish on ExplorOz. We do prefer unique trek note enquiries, but if you wish to enquire about submitting a current trek note that is already our website, then it still may be considered depending on things like recency, quality and quantity. If you would like to obtain further information and to download the documents, please click: How to Submit a Trek Note
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