Treks: Driving Directions

Monday, Sep 15, 2008 at 16:23


The driving directions are delivered automatically by software, listing all the waypoints in the trek route. The software computes the information from the GPS plot file used for the trek route. For each waypoint, it calculates the GPS plot recorded Distance, the straight-line Direction (in degrees and compass bearing) and the Time. It also calculates the totals for all the waypoints and outputs this at the bottom of the table. The accuracy of these calculations depends on several factors such as the GPS plot file resolution and the distance the waypoints are from the trek route. Plot points that have been recorded with an average resolution of 30 to 60 metres apart are considered high and these files are the best to use. If a GPS plot file has been recorded at different times with many stops and starts and even backtracking, then this can also have an impact on the accuracy.
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