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Monday, Sep 15, 2008 at 15:16


This map is interactive, meaning there are buttons where you can click to control certain elements. When you first open a trek note page, scroll down to the Interactive Route Map and you will notice a wide map image, the purple trek line and a small red map cursor moving between waypoints (Please Note: waypoints and Places are the same thing and are derived from the ExplorOz Places system).

Now we call this automated waypoint shuffling - the map slideshow, and you can stop this slideshow by either pressing the pause button (‘II’) on the Route Control, or by hovering your mouse cursor over any of the waypoints on the map. There are other buttons where you can shuffle between waypoints and they include a back button (‘’). You can resume the slideshow by pressing the middle play button (‘>’) and set the pause intervals from 1 to 20 seconds.

If you want to quickly reveal a waypoint without having to wait for the slideshow to get to it, you can simply hover your mouse cursor on the waypoint. These waypoints can be left-clicked to take you straight to the place - else the place title can be clicked. Information that is provided by the slideshow depends on several factors such as if there’s a description or photo added to the waypoint. Sometimes you will notice waypoints without any info and you will see the linking phrase ‘No description entered. Enter description or photos.’ You can then click the link to update the place. Information that is always given: is the waypoint ‘Features’ (also known as the Place attributes), its ‘Position’ in Lat/Long (including map datum), the ‘Next Place’ (according to current trek direction), the plot route ‘Distance’ to this next place and the calculated ‘Average Speed’.
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