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Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019 at 16:39

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Snail Trail is a handy feature to see where you've been, or to assist with backtracking the way you've come. In the map screen overlay panel you will see an option to display a Snail Trail.

When Snail Trail is selected, a route line on the map will show the path you've travelled. This is only visible to you. You can use the Clear Snail Trail option at anytime to clean up (this will not delete the data, you can get it back). After clearing, if you continue to keep Snail Trail selected in the overlay it will begin showing your new movements.

NOTE: the Snail Trail is created using Position Data which the app records & stores automatically. It is highly accurate, recording a new position every 200 metres of travel and connecting these positions together. Position Data will record even if you don't have Snail Trail selected.

If you want to use the Snail Trail data after you've cleared it, simply go to Positions Manager and select a start/end date range and create a Track Log. However, you don't need to clear Snail Trail to be able to create a Track Log.

TIP: If you keep snail trail running but don't periodically clear, you are likely to see some long straight lines - these occur after you've had the app closed and then open it in a new position that is a long way from the last recorded position. Just use the clear option to tidy up the screen.
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