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Tuesday, Jul 30, 2019 at 22:45

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

The app requires an internet connection to access the software that does the Turn by Turn calculations. This software is not written by us and it does not have access to the maps that you see in the app.

By default, the app will always use the Driving mode when it attempts to calculate Turn by Turn directions. However, there is Turn by Turn data available for Cycling and Walking modes of travel also.

If a segment between 2 Places in your nav plan does not have Turn by Turn available in the Driving mode, it will only offer Straight. However you may still be able to get turn by turn calculations by using the following approach:-

Look at the map result using Level 16 zoom and see if you can determine at what point the calculator had trouble. The online calculator can only extract driving turn by turn calculations if the segment of road between your 2 Places have a determination as "driveable" roads in the database. In very remote areas where tracks are not gazetted it is likely that the calculator cannot return a turn by turn result in the Driving Mode, however you can work around this by selecting one of the other modes such as Cycling or Walking for any segment.

In very rare cases, the online driving directions calculator may not have any data available for tracks between the 2 Places you have selected in a segment so you will have to accept the straight line calculation. The best way to improve accuracy of straight line calculations is to keep the segments short, which you can do by adding intermediary Places to help "steer" the route.

NOTE: when you save a nav plan all the turn by turn calculations are stored in the Private Trek file that you will make. This allows you to view the route exactly as it was made online even when you are offline.
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