Forum/Chat Abbreviations

Forum users will quite often use internet slang, or abbreviate commonly used terms. We have provided a 'Forum/Chat Abbreviations' webpage to shed some light on this modern new language.

List of Abbreviations

AFK:- Away From Keyboard, AFAIK:- As Far As I Know, ASL:- Age sex location?
B4N:- Bye for Now, BBIAB:- Be back in a bit, BBL:- Be Back Later, BBS:- Be Back Soon, BRB:- Be Right Back, BTW:- By The Way
CU:- See you, CUL:- See you Later, CYA:- See ya
DTRT:- Do The Right Thing
EG:- Evil grin
FAQ:- Frequently Asked Question, FYI:- For Your Information
GG:- Good going, GTG:- Got To Go, G2G:- Got To Go
IAC :- In Any Case, IC:- I See, IME:- In My Experience, IMHO:- In My Humble Opinion, IOW:- In Other Words, IRL:- In real life
K:- OK, KEWL:- Cool
L8R:- Later, LMAO:- Laughing My Ass off, LOL:- Laughing Out Loud
NP:- No problem
OIC:- Oh, I See, OT:- Off topic, OTT:- Over the top
POV :- Point Of View, PPL:- People
ROFL:- Rolling On Floor Laughing, ROFLMAO:- Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off, RTFM:- Read The Flippin' Manual
TMI:- Too much information, TTFN:- Ta ta for now, TTYL:- Talk to you later, TY:- Thank you
WB:- Welcome back, WFM:- Works For Me, WTG:- Way to go
YMMV:- Your Mileage May Vary, YW:- You're welcome

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