Expired Members Survey
This survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. By completing these few questions we hope to find trends in the responses which will help us plan future improvements.
Q1: How long have you been a member of exploroz.com?

Q2: For what reason did you initially join as a member?

Q3: For what reason are you now choosing not to renew your Membership?

Q4: What Members only features have you used?

Q5: Do you think Membership is reasonable for the above features?

Q6: What age group are you?

Q7: Are you male or female?

Q8: Do you own a 4WD vehicle?

Q9: How often do you go away camping/caravanning?

Q10: Where do you sleep when camping/caravanning?

Q11: Which of the following do you use?

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