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When you "Register", you will be welcomed into the ExplorOz user community. A great feature of this site is the interactive experience between the registered users so you are encouraged to upload information, photos, plotfiles, and make comments throughout the various sections of the site. As soon as you complete the registration process (email address validation) you'll be able to create your screen-name and profile and gain access to all the interactive areas of the site. Unregistered users can only view the site in a read-only mode and cannot interact. "Members" also have access to site features and tools that are unavailable to "Visitors" so take a moment to compare the options between registering as a Member vs Visitor.

There are 2 options when Registering.
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We wish you many hours of enjoyment on ExplorOz - our aim is to keep you informed, enthused and entertained because there's always "more to explore" !

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